Quote of the Week: Max Maven

Are you afraid of the consequences of Mystery?

Sadly this powerful quote from Max is true. Most Mystery Performers dont embrace the implications and values that Magic and Mentalism inherently communicate. It is comfortable to rationally assume that everything is a trick, that there is no true astonishment and awe is just a fabrication.

The more you open your mind to the possibilities, the more you will experience the power of the unknown. Call it "belief", "openness" or whatever, there is a fascinating realm of uncertainty that expands your understanding as soon as you are humble enough to say "I dont know nothing" as Socrates.

Let go of your fear of the non-rational and you will enjoy the true power of Mystery both in your performance and life.

If you are a advanced student of Mentalism, you feel what I am talking about. As soon as you truly use your intuition, some strange things happens. As soon as you use your rational in order to reach higher levels of emotional impact, you will flow in an authentic manner, and our audiences can feel that difference.

Go beyond and explore the real Magic and real Mentalism!

If you want to explore the deeper ocean of possibilities in your performance, The Path of Mystery is for you! 

Thanks Max for your insights. 



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