Quote of the Week: James Jeans

Today we receive inspiration for our week from mathematician and physicist James Jeans with a beautiful observation about the fine tuning and nature of reality.

The Mystery in which we are is the macro experience that we can bring in a micro level in our Mystery Performances. Nature is a miracle, human beings are miracles.

Sadly our society and global culture tell us that we are evil, machine-like taking us off our soul and potential of self-transcendence. Our Magic and Mentalism in itself is a powerful and artistic manner to go beyond our ego and offer new impressions about the nature of the mind and the mysteries around us.

The outer universe is a thought in the same manner that our inner universe is a thought. Be sure to nurture your inner universe with beautiful ideas and experiences so you can share with others through your performances beautiful ideas and experiences.

Who do you prefer? Someone with great knowledge or great experience?

Of course that knowledge is a great rational tool and resource but experience is essential. Learn not just about the mind but your OWN mind. Learn not just Mentalism but your OWN way to create the Mentalism Experience.

If you are interested in exploring your own path and universe be sure to check "The Path of Mystery", a book that offers you a self-initiation into the mysteries of your potential as Mystery Performer.


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