Quote of the Week: Richard Osterlind

Richard in his book "Inside my Mind" offers us powerful wisdom, insights and reminders.

What is the essence of Mystery Performance?

What a beautiful question to reflect, highly needed and useful in order to grow and expand as Mystery Performer.

Enchantment, Wonder, Power, Beauty, Magic, Mystery.

How can we achieve all those essentials?
This is obviously a huge theme but something simple (and complex to understand of course) is "FOCUS".

Dont get distracted by the "latest and greatest" that promise you all those aspect of performance that YOU need to develop. No amount of money will buy what you need to get through your own inner work and reflection.

Choose your repertoire, rehearse your pieces, practice your techniques and stay in that. Of course that we can get from time to time new material to nurture our curiosity but dont fall into the consumerism trap. Most probable you dont "need" that new gimmick and ultimate whatever.

Keep it simple, Keep it real.

Invest wisely and you will find your deeper potential!

If you are interested in exploring this topic in deeper manner, "The Path of Mystery" is for you! 

Thanks Richard for your constant inspiration.



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