Quote of the Week: Bruce Lee

Powerful words from Martial Artist, Actor and Modern Philosopher Bruce Lee

Everything that we learn is a mirror. Rational knowledge means nothing if you dont appear from it in an authentic manner.

You can learn a lot of techniques to achieve certain goal in Mentalism but if you dont find your own timing, script and choreography, all that information is just ephemeral words without personal meaning.

Take one piece from your repertoire and ask yourself:
What is that "extra" that I need to add to transform this ordinary idea into a extraordinary experience?

We can use our pieces as reflections of self-knowledge. 

If you see our content at Mentalism Center, we focus a LOT about these intrapersonal explorations. We believe that all growth starts from the inside, that is why we are now offering a new powerful and unique online one-month experience!

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This week, explore your own inner knowledge and expand in unique and authentic ways


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