Quote of the Week: Max Maven

The legacy and wisdom from Max continues to influence us. If you observe his work in a careful manner, you will realize that he was completely coherent with this insights. 

In his hands (and mind) normal playing cards, papers, envelopes and other ordinary objects were tools of mental mysteries, and we can achieve that as well.

You dont have that ultimate special envelope?
 Dont worry, create one for yourself. 

Study the classics of Mentalism (most of them are available for FREE) and use just common objects to create powerful experiences.

Of course that there is space for novel objects that we can use to bring attention as extraordinary tools (such as pendulums for example) but the wisdom in here still applies. YOU are the performer, not your objects.

That is why our "Daily TK Pen" is so powerful. It looks exactly like a normal sharpie marker!

Thanks Max for the inspiration, as always.



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