Quote of the Week: Isaac Newton

Today we bring the wisdom from Isaac Newton, an unique polymath full of powerful understandings about reality.

He was not only a master of mathematics and physics but also a philosopher and an alchemist. A true demonstration that both exoteric and esoteric sciences can co-exist . He understood nature in an unique manner and we can learn from his insights as Mystery Performer.

Nature follows what is simple, and because we are also nature, we can bring this naturalness into our performance by embracing simplicity as value. In all my work you will find that minimalism, simplicity and natural interactions are part of what I consider powerful Mentalism. 

Explore simplicity in your work both in your Inner Reality of methods and secret techniques and your Outer Reality of interactions, performance and conversations. 

If you are interested in learning simple and powerful Mentalism, be sure to check "Simply Mental", "Simply Mental II" and our Minimal Mentalism 



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