Quote of the Week: Bruce Lee

How fascinating is to be aware that everything that comes from our creation is a projection of our own reflections.

Martial Artist and actor Bruce Lee reminds us today about this simple and highly powerful truth.

What you do is self knowledge
What you perform is self knowledge
What you study is self knowledge 

Take a moment and observe the space in which you are right now. Take a moment and observe your body, your clothing, your mood, your mind.

Everything at the end leads towards yourself.

That is why Mentalism is an alchemical process. As soon as you integrate a new idea in your repertoire, you are transformed. Every time you perform and learn, you are transformed.

Self-knowledge and the habit of reflection is a powerful way of living as Mystery Performer. The mind is not just powerful in a metaphorical sense. Develop your mind in genuine manners and you will find powerful new potential.

That is why at Mentalism Center we focus not just in cool direct ideas for your repertoire and development as Mentalist, but most important, in your integral experience of growth through the art, science, philosophy and mystic areas of our possibilities.

If you want to learn more about yourself, be sure to check our Videocourses and "The Path of Mystery" 



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