Choose your realities, choose your illusions .

  Modern neuroscience and arcane mind philosophies suggest that Outer Reality is indeed a fantastic illusion created by our mind. 

What is the fascinating implication of this for as Mystery Performers? That fear that you feel as anxiety, worrying, panic and stage fright is also the fear that allows you to be brave and feel your vitality and power of focus. 


Choose your realities, they are illusions 😉 

Last week I performed in a beautiful space of Magic and Mentalism (@salamirari ) and a member of the audience asked me: 

Pablo, do you feel nervous before performing? 

Of course, I am alive! I said 

The difference is that I decide consciously to understand that energy as excitement, desire and attention. I put a smile on my face, I connect to gratitude, I trust in all my inner work (practicing, rehearsing, self-knowledge, script) and I just do it fully focused in the meaning of that moment.

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Your mind power is not a gimmick. Explore your true potential and you will be a master of your mind.


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