Quote of the Week: Rick Rubin


Creative Master Rick Rubin reminds us the power of art and creativity as celebration of the human experience.

As Mystery Perfomers we explore wonder, awe and mystery , which are essentials not just for artists but for every human being. Magic and Mentalism, like no other artform, can create powerful and beautiful experiences.

What are you waiting for?

Stop your incorrect habits and create in yourself new strategies to truly reach your potential. It doesnt matter if you are a casual performer or a professional one, you can embrace your Mentalism in a new manner. Excellence is a conscious choice that requires sacrifices. If you are open to let go of the mainstream consumerism of the common marketlplace, you will be able to study your art in a focused and new way. 

At Mentalism Center we can catalyze your learnings. 

That is why we offer our special line of Books and Online Courses, they are the most effective manner to find your true potential.

Go back to that childlike mindset of "everything is possible" and "playful learning". Keep that way in your mind and your performance will be transformed.


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