Quote of the Week: Plato

Plato, one of the most (if not the most) important philosopher remind us a powerful insight in this new beginning.

In Mentalism, our foundations and principles are essential. We cannot reach our deeper excellence if we are not constantly reflecting about our root understandings.

Can you reply in a simple manner what Mentalism actually is?
Can you declare from your own experience what Mentalism is for you?
If I ask you for your three most influential authors, can you reply?
What is your subtext as Mentalist?

Most of the time our beginnings in Mentalism are full of tricks, badly invested money and too much stuff. Start again! Allow yourself to be a beginner this new year and learn from the bottom-up.

That is why this 2024 we will continue our path of Online Services and Videocourses. Books and eBooks are awesome of course, but there is something special in the audiovisual format that inspires in a different manner.

We can always re-start. Take a calculated risk with us, I can promise you that we will deliver.

Thanks for your constant appreciation and support. More than a website or business, Mentalism Center is a space of collaboration, inspiration and meaning.

All the best energies for your 2024! 



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