Quote of the Week: Rumi

Rumi, the Sufi poet and mystic offers us a beautiful comprehension of the natural pain in life as part of our experience of growth. This insight is relevant for us not just as human beings but also Mystery Performers.

Healing is a powerful and beautiful theme to apply in our performances. With this I am not saying at all to claim supernatural skills and deceive people with charlatanism, please never do that. What I am pointing out is the beauty of sharing with other an uplifting moment, a dramatic idea that can elevate someone mood, mind and state of consciousness. 

As a simple example, we can say:

"You have a powerful mind, you can go beyond what is apparent in order to find new ways to think and feel"

An open statement that offers a reminder for people to find courage and the meaning of our experiences. As you can see, we dont need to be the "mystic performer" in order to use the idea of "healing" in our performances. You can see modern and popular Mentalists such as Derren Brown using healing ideas for audiences, and they love it when they feel it sincere.

That is why at Mentalism Center our focus will be always to create empowering experiences for people, and if you are interested in TWO intimate 1-on-1 acts to share with your participants, be sure to check our "Healing Mentalism Act" 

This week, be bold and add a healing idea to your script in your performances pieces. Whatever we give, we receive, right?



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