Quote of the Week: Marcus Aurelius

Today we receive inspiration from Roman Emperor and Stoic Philosopher Marcus Aurelius.

We are experts of the mind, right? 

We need to learn psychology and philosophy in order to understand the nature of the Psyche and apply that in artful ways.

Thoughts are like seeds, we need to consciously plant them in our mind. Sometimes destructive thoughts can appear, lets be true "Mind Magicians" and transform those thoughts into constructive ones.

In our "Mentalism Course" we explore the power of being your own director, reflecting your potential and with that, reaching new levels in your development as Mentalist. Being a Mentalist is not just a matter of quantity of tricks, but attitude and authenticity.

If you want a higher, deeper and better experience in your Mentalism, be sure to observe your presuppositions as performer and question them. The key is not in what you do, but How and WHY you do it.

In that manner, everything will become meaningful and happiness will arrive naturally.

If you are interested in using Stoic Philosophy in your performance, be sure to check our "Stoic Book Test"



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