Quote of the Week: Alan Watts

How is your inner judgment as performer?

Alan Watts was a "Philosophical Entertainer" that inspires us to embrace in a radical manner our present state.

Sometimes we are our worst enemy, and that is not needed at all. We can be our best friend, encouraging ourselves in order to learn the essential principles of Mystery Performance. Adjustment, improvisation, excellence and all those powerful virtues that we can cultivate and expand. 

In order to improve each day, we need to be aware of your present way, accept it and from that unconditional acceptation, transform and polish our ways.

There are no mistakes, just feedback. Everything can teach us, and the more open you are to be a eternal student, the deeper you will find you own mastery.

That is why I offer in our "Mentalism Course" a deep exploration in our needed self-knowledge as Mystery Performers. As soon as you observe those fundamental aspects, everything else becomes a natural growth.

The invitation for this week is to accept yourself, go deeper in your self-knowledge and from that, BE yourself!



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