Quote of the Week: Plato

Plato, the great Greek Philosopher, reminds us today about the power of music in our lives and our practices.

Music is an essential human experience, an art like no other and a beautiful addition to our explorations as Mystery Performer. 

We can find powerful inspiration for our performances in the poetry of music. We can create beautiful ambiances in our stage shows if we select the correct piece of music.

If you play an instrument, you can add that into your Magic and Mentalism, injecting a beautiful moment of authenticity.

We can use "music" as theme in our performances, eliciting beautiful complexities of sounds, vibrations, rhythm and much more. 

If you are interested in creating an impromptu and unique telepathic experience using a borrowed phone, be sure to check "Mentalfy 2.0", now with a new method for the latest Spotify version.

The invitiation for this week is to hear new music, go out of your comfort zone and find a new piece that moves your soul. 



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