Quote of the Week: Jorge García

Today I offer you a beautiful piece of wisdom and insight from my friend Jorge García "The Jack" (rest in peace and power), from his book "7 Mysteries of Mentalism"

We had long conversation about Mentalism as a genuine experience and our ways to achieve it. If you had the blessing to watch him perform, you understand what I mean.

He was a gentleman on stage doing sophisticated mental mysteries and real magic. He had that extra-ordinary factor that everyone can achieve through deep selfknowledge and authentic expression. He was a real worker that understood the desire from our participants and audience to understand how our miracles are done, not in the technical and secret aspects, but being able to feel the mystery a little bit closer, what we can call the "process". In my experience, that is achieved through the use of "artifacts" which you can even declare with sincerity with your audience. Outer techniques that are not just "pseudo-explanations" but real techniques of connection, empathy, intuition and humanness that can serve as bridges of apparent explanations.

As he says, adding these explicit processes in subtle ways can offer a fantastic meaning to the experience. If you are interested in elevate your performance, be sure to create not just a strong and robust method, but offer also these artifacts that can let them FEEL the experience.

If you are interested in the concept of Artifacts, be sure to check my books !

Thanks my friend for your constant inspiration.



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