The other type of Credibility

Our Master Mindreader and others were strong proponents of the power of Credibility in Mentalism. The ability to create a credible experience of psychic entertainment that allows people to experience a mystery moment full with interesting question about plausibility.    

 But Credibility is not just about let others understand your performance as congruent and consistent, pushing the boundaries of what is possible (Inner Credibility) but also there is an Outer Credibility that we must observe in our development as performer/artist for our potential clients.  

Thats the main reason of why our “Arkanosophy Business Card Set” exists.  

You can be the best Mentalist ever, but if at the moment of talking with them, to let them hear your language and handing a business card you offer a new incongruent moment in which you are clearly not "credible" as professional and passionated about your craft, everything will brake apart.

If you can be excellent, do it!

No more business cards with rubberbands, binder clips that clearly doesnt communicates professionalism.

Get our "Arkanosophy Business Card" set and enjoy a new level of credibility


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