DONT avoid it!

(from last night performance)

Several people asked me: "Pablo, how are your not nervous while your perform?"
"You look so relaxed and casual...are you not nervous"?

The short answer is: NO!

Of course that I feel nervousness and stress, is part of our human and performer experience. If I dont feel this nervousness, I prefer to be death.

The simple solutions is NOT to avoid be nervous, rather embrace it!
Use this powerful energy and focus it to reach your goals. If you are confident about your previous proper work in your script, staging and all the other fine aspects of performing, everything will be good!

Several articles that you can read, or other people which you can ask will tell you: "Stop being nervous" or " How to avoid..."


Face it and control it to reach your visualized dreams. 

Feel the physical sensations, connect with the thoughts and then be mature enough to move them in conscious ways towards your wellbeing.

The photo shows the natural progression at the backstage.
My heart is pounding, I feel stomach pain, some nervousness, apparent panic attack but at the end, all that energy is re-framed in happiness and positive expectation.

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