Quote of the Week: Richard Webster

This week we have the wonderful Richard Webster!
This quote comes from his book "Cold Reading Variations", which you can get by contact him directly.

Among non-readers this critics of "ethics" is a classic one, and most people who dont do readings dismiss this practice for those reasons.
Lets think about this for a moment ...

"Ethics or moral philosophy is a branch of philosophy that involves systematizing, defending, and recommending concepts of right and wrong conduct"

So, obviously we can "take advantage" of people claiming bad future moments in their lives, offering different curse liberations and other practices just to take money from their pockets, but, why this idea is so sensible in the Readings practice (done just for entertainment or as professional service) and not in other careers or crafts?

It is "ethical" to convince someone that has a electrochip in his neck and manipulate his life to teach him something?

It is "ethical" to just learn a "trick" and perform?

ANYONE without proper ethics can create damage to other people in different levels.

I have several "colleagues" in the Psychology area that are taking advantage of his clients because they claim something that they cant achieve just because their mediocre attitude towards therapy, coaching, workshop facilitation and other practices that we as Psychologist could offer.  

It is also a lack of ethics to not cultivate proper practice and rehearsal before any performance. 
If you dont study properly your own subtext and you just are focused in your "disclaimer" as your ethic caution, be aware that if you dont know what you "claim" in your performance, this is also a lack of ethics.

For that reason I love Richard´s explicit use of not just "ethics" but also "discreet" and "enjoy helping others". If you dont like people and surrond yourself with positive energies and empowering experiences, dont to any type of readings at all.

We are doing art. Dont focus that much in ethics, but in aesthetics.

Love your art, love your craft, love people, develop clear ethics in all levels and and study readings! They are a fantastic entertaining and interesting dynamic that you can create for others.

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