Quote of the Week: John Riggs

This week, one of the greatest in the field of Mentalism & Psychic Entertainment, John Riggs. This quote comes from the explanation of his routine "They Hell Fire" from the Unchained Lecture, which you can get in HERE

What is the mind?
How can you define "Psychic?

Etymologically, the word "Psychic" comes from  Ancient Greek ψυχικός (psukhikós, “relative to the soul, spirit, mind”), related to k ψυχή (psukhḗ, “soul, mind, psyche,  butterfly")

The mind is misunderstood (from the Occidental perspective). We think that "mind" is brain, or rational thoughts. Sadly, Mentalism has that tendency due this misunderstandings. We think that just revealing thoughts is "impressive" enough, when in reality, can be VERY boring and repetitive.

If we expand our understanding, we can explore new ways and paths.

Being "Psychic" is not about charlatans or lying to people with crystal balls and funny looking Tarot Cards, but being able to expand yourself to new levels of conversation, beyond the mundane, materialistic and pragmatic.

You can see how John associates "feelings" to "psychic entertainment", which is a very simple and powerful insight. Allow you routines to involve your audience in a deeper way than just "thoughts". Let people be open not only in rational thoughts, but also in soul (psukhḗ).

If you apply this line of thinking, you can improve your repertoire, not by changing the routines that you have, but approaching them in a more integral manner.

So now...reading minds will have a new definition for you, right?

Transform your boring routines into pieces of mental/psychic mystery using these ideas!

Have a wonderful and psychic week! 

(PS: The mind is a butterfly) 


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