Quote of the Week: Kenton Knepper

This week, we feature one of the most missunderstood and controversial thinker and creator from Modern Mentalism, my mentor and friend Kenton Knepper.

Ahead of his time, he started to add relevant focus in the power of words, his wonderful out-of-the-box approaches and integral understanding of performance, transform him into one of the needed authors for anyone interested in Mentalism.

This specific quote comes from a private talk that he shared with us at the "Inner Sanctum" (you can be part in HERE)

If you study Kenton´s work, you can realize the depth of his teachings. This doesnt mean that you can do cool effects and work in commercial aspects of performance, but his understanding of real transformation and changes from the inside out ( and not in reverse as the mainstream marketplace of Magic and Mentalism tries to impose) offers a respectful approach to Mystery Performance.

Learn a "trick" and you will be only able to offer one "trick"
Learn a method, add your creativity, and you will be able to create routines using that method.
Learn a principle, and everything that you do will be transformed.

What we can do with our audiences can be a very good show, but we are not limited to that. We can really create for others experiences beyond the explicit performance, and if you study Kenton work and his principles, you will be able to observe everything that you do not just from a better artistic view, but also in a emotional and metaphysical view (which is as valid as the physical view).

An example: He coined the idea of "Indirection" for Mystery Performers in his works. This concept and all that implies can really impact your performance in a way that you cant imagine. Effective communication is a subtle art, and if you study Kenton work, you will learn a lot about the important details in how you can communicate what you want to communicate.

What is the secret of the modern and classic effective and excellent Mentalists?
Is the integral understanding of what they do and why it works.
And that understanding comes only from a deeper observation of principles and not just effects. 

Dont just ask yourself "What?" or "How?" but also "Why?"
Dont be just a practicioner or a technician, but also a thinker and a "reflecter" .

In Mentalism Center we have several of Kenton releases, you can check them in HERE 

We are always aiming at  Mentalism Center to offer the best quality content, for that reason we dont only focus in practical routines that you can do, but also theory, thoughts and reflection that you can add to your daily acts as Mentalist.

I just released my "Minimal Mentalism III" Lecture Notes, in which you can find the "Tree Theory" which will help you to understand yourself and what you do in Performance, and also soon I will offer the book "Birreal" which touches a paradigm of Mystery Performance, that I am sure you will enjoy if you are interested in improving your path as Mystery Performer.

So, learn new principles, structure your core basis and be open to new ideas.

Have a wonderful week!


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