Pablo Amirá & Kenton Knepper-Inner Sanctum, Inner Sanctum Gathering & Minimal Mentalism III Lecture

If you want to expand your life as Mystery Performer, you NEED to be in Phoenix in July and August. 

First of all, I will offer my "Minimal Mentalism III Lecture" 

JULY 31ST, 7 PM in a very personal setting in Kenton Knepper's home!
Book your place for the Minimal Mentalism III Lecture HERE

After that, in August 2 we will have the fantastic "Inner Sanctum Gathering". You can book for this wonderful event in HERE

More info about those events? Be sure to enjoy our conversation with Kenton!

If you are interested also in books or props from Arkanosophy, let me know and I can offer you private and hand-to-hand delivery at the event.


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