Photographic Moment

One of our five senses is sight. We trust in your eyes. We remember images.

Do you realize that each routine that you do has an inherent "Photographic Moment"?

Are you taking advantage of this?

In working on stage, you realize this simple notion. But know it is not enough, you need to practice it. And not just on stage, but in any performance.

Lets take an example, a simple and powerful mindreading demonstration. Lets imagine that your participant wrote in one word his "Goal" (you can use any of the techniques from B´Cards).
So, now you know secretly that word.

You start your process of realistic Mindreadind, revealing parallel aspects of that thought. Colors, emotions, other people, you can add a reading as well (why not?) and you reveal the word.

Thats fine of course, but you didnt use this concept of the "Photographic Moment". 

So, how can you create a "Photographic Moment" using this classic routine? Well, it depends in what do you want to communicate, and that comes from your personal style and identity as performer.

You claim intuitive abilities?
You are an expert in guessing?
You are a psychometry master? do you imagine that an intuitive Mentalist can create a Photographic Moment? Or an expert in the art of guessing thoughts?

You can study several other performers and understand the power of this. Lets see some examples.

Take one of your routines that you are doing and apply this simple concept of a "Photographic Moment". Im sure that you will improve instantly your dramatic impact!


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