How to: Do Your First Stage Show

So, you are a close up performer, maybe just in casual situations, or also as professional, doing gigs in restaurants or walkaround situations.

You want to expand your professional services, or as social performer someone is offering you a stage to perform.

What an opportunity! I do it! ?

First of all, you NEED to understand that you must construct a new role in your life. You are several people at the same time, right? You are a friend, you are a partner, you are a son, etc...

So you need to construct and discover who are you onstage. If you have experience in close up performances, you can take the basic premise that you use and expand it to stage, but you need to be aware that there are differences that you need to consider before going to stage.

The stage is sacred, it deserves respect and excellence.

In this article, I will offer you 5 tips that you can take if you are preparing your first stage show.

1. Invest in yourself: You NEED to be aware of the importance of investment. Invest your time, invest your money, invest hard work and fun times into this development. Write your script, buy good material, rehearse a LOT and expand your potential. You know that Mentalism Center is your online space and we have several powerful courses, eBooks, Videos and Books that can guide your development as stage performer. Especially, you can be part of our Online Mentoring and receive private and personalized guidance.

2. Staging: There are a lot of subtle details that, if you dont learn them in a pro-active manner, you will fail to be the best stage performer that you can be. 
Your position onstage, the position of your participants onstage, the position of your props, etc. Each position has a different dramatic impact that you need to use in conscious manners, and they are essential components of a good stage show. Especially in Mentalism, YOU and your participants onstage are the main focus of visual interest, so if YOU are not interesting, your performance will not be interesting.

3. Voice Techniques: Maybe you have a fantastic show, full of wonderful moments, but if you audience cant hear you, there is nothing. You need to learn how to project your voice, and if you have a microphone, you need to learn how to use it. Personally, in most situation I use a handheld microphone for various reasons, but if I have a parlor-style show, I prefer to go without amplification and rely in the power of my voice to communicate with my audience.
Your voice is an essential tool onstage.

4. Public Speaking Techniques: Your presence onstage must be full of energy, enthusiasm and power. It doesnt matter if you have the most expensive piece of electronic gimmick, if you are weak onstage, people will feel it and they will not trust in you as a competent performer. Work in your public speaking abilities, be interesting as human being, communicate in effective ways your message as performer and let them know in implicit manners that you are an expert.

5. Love your audience: In close-up situations, the concept of an "audience" is not as relevant as on stage, so if you only have experience as close up performer, you will realize that there is an audience that deserves attention.

But how? They are soo much people!

There is a secret... You need to transform all that people into one being,  which is in harmony. Join them, let them know that you are there to invite them into a entertaining and mysterious moment of fun. Care about the audience, love your audience, be grateful for each opportunity onstage, because lets face it, they transform you into a stage performer.

Take this 5 tips that I offer you and work them into your act. They are fundamental aspects that you need to observe in your stage work.
THEN, work in your specific routines, they are just excuses that can allow you to communicate your message as Stage Mentalist.


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