Quote of the Week: Tony Andruzzi

You are an expert in a field if you can explain a complex truth in a simple manner, and you can see that Tony was a master in understanding what is truly important.

Why do you perform? To feel that your recent order was a good investment? To be sure that this expensive gimmick is being used?

What is the focus of your performance? Your own satisfaction? Your own Ego?

If you are a performer, that means that you are focused in the externalization of your inner competences and efforts, towards a goal which is defined by the outer context.

As Mentalists, entertain and mystify using the mind as a core theme. 

This idea of "impact" is highly powerful, and a concept that we need more and more in our conversations. Impact focus the attention into the Outer Reality. Impact allows us to respect the participant and audience experience, dont focusing that much into "reactions". Reactions are superficial, they are fine of course, but they are not everything.

Impact allows us to understand that the inner experience from the participant´s point of view is more important that the outer experience (reaction, screams, etc.)

Be free of the method-focused frame of mind in Mentalism. The method is not relevant. That doesnt mean that it is not important. It is important, and your method must be powerful and flexible, but at the end of the day, the focus must be on the Outer Reality, not your Inner one.

I challenge you this week, to take what you already know, and work it towards true impact for your audience.

You have billet techniques, right? (If not, get B´Cards, you will learn a LOT of nice routines and techniques)

Now, take one of them and PERFORM it for real people, focusing on Impact.

After the performance, reflect about the differences and new learnings. I am sure that you will have a wonderful time of new insights.

Thanks Tony for your fantastic quote! 


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