What can we learn about: Kenton Knepper-Mates for Life

One of the fantastic contributions from my mentor Kenton Knepper is the reclamation of the importance of symbolic meaning in performance.

In order to go to deeper levels in your material, you dont necessarily need to use runes, Tarot or other more esoteric objects. A simple deck of cards, or anything really can be used to let others experience something mysterious and real.

What is important is to dettach of the rational approach to performance, the cerebral understanding, and allow your other (equally important) emotional side to emerge. Each object, each action, each word that you say, contains hidden meanings. You are the interpreter, you are the one responsible to let others experience those symbols, and mantain a proper balance between sound and silence.

Say, but dont say much.
Mystery is normally expressed in strange, confusing and ambigious manners for a reason.

Dont preach, but reach others with your powerful symbols, props and ideas.

This piece from Kenton is wonderful for several reasons. He explicitly say some things, but he keeps other ones in an implicit manner. 

He uses a strange an unusual visual (a blank deck) which also impacts people in a different manner. The effect is in itself very interesting, surprising and mysterious, but he is brave enough to go beyond, with his words and his emotions as well.

Remember, doing meaningful Mentalism is not about saying what you know, but to be open to understand that symbols are mysterious, and they affect people in different ways. Let the symbols talk, dont talk too much.

Words are important of course, and you need to choose them carefully, but also choose carefully what you DONT say.

Thanks Kenton for your inspiration and constant wonderful ideas!


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