Quote of the Week: Kenton Knepper

Kenton is without a doubt a controversial figure in Mentalism. 
He is the father of most modern Mentalists and Creators. 
He is one of the responsible of the powerful state of art in psychological approaches to script and realistic Mentalism, that you can see in Peter Turner, Fraser Parker, Luke Jermay, Luca Volpe, myself and others.

This quote comes from his wonderful "An Enchanted Evening", that you can get as eBook in HERE

I think that the one aspect that we need to observe as essential in our studies is the true and real power of the mind. We talk about the mind, we use it as theme in performance, we pretend to be experts, but are we REALLY practicing what we are preaching?

Are you constantly working in new material, getting new ideas for your repertoire, but are you working in your own mind?

Are you constantly observing and reflecting about your life processes and experiences?

As Kenton says, if we dont manage our mind, our mind will manage us. We will be slave of our beliefs, our thoughts, emotions and everything that happens externally.

If you are a true student of Mentalism, PLEASE, study the Mind and our OWN Mind in real ways. In Psychological manners, in more holistic manners, as individual and also with assistance of a professional if you need it.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” 
Carl Jung

So, the challenge of this "Quote of the Week" is not about Mentalism directly, but is highly more important that getting that new swami gimmick or electronic piece. Is about YOUR development as person and Mentalist.

If you feel that you need assistance and mentoring, I am here for you in the "Online Mentoring"

I can guide you towards self-knowledge explorations and processes, so you can become a better Mentalist in your own ways and terms.

Have a wonderful week with your mind ! 


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