A subtle suggestion...

A very simple and truly powerful suggestion.

Im in the final edition of the new book from my mentor Kenton Knepper called "Kenton Principles" ( You can buy it at pre-sale in HERE)

A compendium of his powerful concepts and ideas.

If you know his work, you know that he places a lot of focus in Suggestion and Indirect Communication. Normally we understand "communication" as just verbals, but as a matter of fact all senses and stimuli are part of our communicative means, especially those who are subtle.

And smell is one of those.

So, what is the image that you want to offer as performer?

If you want to be the stinky performer, go for it, but I assume that in your performing context, you want to be seen as professional, stylish and enchanting.

Well, let me tell you something. If you breath stinks, it doesnt matter if you have the best suit or electronic gizmos. People will reject you because you stink.

Even, maybe you are an excellent Mentalist and you dont understand why you dont achieve your goals in performance. Maybe you need to re-check this subtle aspects

So, use the tins as prediction boxes, but also use the mints!


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