Quote of the Week: Jorge García (The Jack)

Life sometimes is full of confusion and questions.
Sometimes life offers you an experience without present purpose and meaning
And that is OK, and we need to just accept it and embrace it.

Now I can see it a little bit clearer.

Tomorrow is my Jorge García “The Jack” birthday (RIP), a kind person and one the best Mystery Performers  from Argentina. Anyone who knew him can attest this.

His elegant approach, simple and powerful Mentalism, his appreciation of the truly essential aspects. His narrative focus in “questions” is a constant inspiration for myself.

The “How” question can be attractive to people, without a doubt, but as my friend says, we can go deeper and focus in the “Why”

If you are just the person who executes, sure, your actions are the focus, thus the “How do you do it?” question can appear BUT if you consciously reflect about the PURPOSE of what you so, you will focus in a much richer question. A question that will offer YOU as individual.

Your audience will care about what you care, both in conscious and subconscious ways.

Go deeper, offer your unique authenticity, as my friend did it.

Tomorrow is your birthday my friend, this is my gift for you.

Have a good week everyone! 
Enjoy the fragile and precious gift that we call life !


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