Review: Fraser Parker-Opus

Fraser Parker has a new digital project, and it is incredible!

"Opus" is his Masterclass, featuring a LOT of his creative explorations in propless Mentalism and techniques that you can apply to your existing routines.

Propless mindreading techniques using Zodiac, Date of Birth, Drawings, Multiple Names and more!

Yes, it is 160 GBP (200 USD aprox), but for the quality of the ideas presented, it is well worth it, no doubt.

You can see the advancements in the approaches and techniques, and the influences of Kenton Knepper (Fraser is one of his mentee) in using powerful script to create the realities that you desire.

A powerful harmony between Inner and Outer Reality, in which your procedure becomes the process. Words are used to construct realities and also to erase the subtle aspects, restrictions and forcing techniques that he uses.

It is a fantastic approach to Mentalism, which in any case is the "Holy Grail", but it is a valid way to perform as creative challenge, as practical approach and powerful way to elicit Mindreading with someone anytime, anywhere.

My personal favorites in this realm is the Gypsy Name Guess (GENIUS) and the "I Fall to Pieces Drawing Duplication"

He also shares some mechanical peeks and ideas that you can add to your toolkit. I loved the Steve Peek, and seeing it in action is pure joy and a proof that this material truly works.

Besides actual routines and ideas, there is a fantastic interview section. Be sure to study it several times to truly get the gems that are in there.

The recording is not the best in terms of video angles , but honestly, I dont care at all. I prefer a casual video with this weight in content, than a full HD professional video with something lacking in value.

Overall, highly recommended project from Fraser, if you have the money and the desire to invest in truly quality material.

Push your limits, and realize that your words can create the realities that you desire in performance. You dont need external aid or expensive electronics, but new knowledge and practical ideas.


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