Quote of the Week: Robert Nelson

This week, we feature the wonderful and (nowadays) controversial Robert Nelson. This quote comes from his “Encyclopedia of Mentalism”, which is a must-read book in your initiation path in this art.

What is the source of the phenomena?
Is your prop used only as an instrument?
Is the Mind the focus?

This is the reason why you need to not just practice, but rehearse your routines. In order to achieve excellence, you must follow a strategy to arrive to an effective performance.

What are you communicating with your props?

Remember, they are just incidental tools or aids, don't let people focus on them. If you focus in them, people will focus in them.

If you use a special wallet to do a peek, act as if you are handling just a normal wallet.
If you are using business cards , handle them as any normal person.

That is why in every sleight and secret action that I do in my Inner Reality, the concept “casual” is necessary.

You need to clearly understand, so your audience can understand.

In being casual, you are communicating that the focus doesn't need to be there, plus I consciously place focus in other relevant aspects in the Outer Reality, so people don't feel “misdirected”, but “directed”. Im the guide of the experience.

Some people just perform the tricks that they like, because “they are fooling....”.
This criteria is like a painter that says that he paints that because “the colors are expensive”. No real depth in motivation.

If you want to be different and truly reach your potential, do something different. Don't follow trends or the mainstream that forces you to spend your money in unnecessary products. Get a good book and find in yourself the core principles first. The true secrets are available only for those willing to take that inner path.

Do you want to expand your possibilities in performance? Reach that next level in which you can really create something unique and mysterious?

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