What we can learn about: Kenton Knepper-Five Bill Miracle

My mentor, Kenton Knepper, has a plethora of work that for some people is underground. One example of that is his "Five Bill Miracle".

I love this routine for various reasons, and we can learn and reflect a lot about this particular performance.

From the Inner Reality, this routine is simply a beautiful thing. If you have some knowledge in Mentalism, maybe you will know some aspects of it, but what if I tell you that this routine is 100% impromptu and you can borrow the dollar bills? It is as brilliant simple discovery that Kenton did and applied to this "psychometry" routine.

From the Outer Reality, I love how Kenton adds a beautiful narrative and lines to this simple and clear phenomena of psychometry, elevating the beauty to new levels.
You can watch 29´´and realize how he uses this common aphorism and esoteric insight in a casual and powerful manner. PEOPLE remember this. Each word that you say counts. Thats the reason why it is FUNDAMENTAL to script your routines. Not just the text, but the subtext. You can notice how Kenton turns away while the participant is signing the bill. This clearly communicates that he doesnt want to peek or allude any logical explanation for this performance.

Everything communicates, always remember that.

Notice also how, whenever HE smiles, SHE smiles. That is a clear sign that the connection is present. Also notice his emotional language (feel, energy, etc.). Especially in this "psychometry" routines, be aware of your language. We tend to use rational language (think, thought,etc.), so use both in a proper balance.

Finally, hear his final words. He is not just offering an entertaining moment but energy. Reflect about that.

There is a LOT more that I can offer you to reflect, but watch it a few times and notice several other wonderful details from Kenton.

Thanks my friend and mentor for this amazing piece and your wonderful mind!


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