Presence & Enchantment

These two concepts can change everything that you do.
For Real.

These concepts dont ask money from you.
 They ask time and compromise.

If you are a performer, you know that you need to project a powerful presence, right?

It is part of our conversations to be confident, to be aware of body posture, to communicate power not just using our verbals, but also non-verbals.

"Presence" is a wonderful concept that you can study with Amy Cuddy, who is a Psychologist and the speaker of one of the most popular TED Talks

I use this TED talk in my Effective Communication workshops, and it is a great basic introduction to the true power of the body-mind bidirectional nature and the understanding of our own narratives.

BUT, for us, this is not enough.

If you have the "Four Technical Dimensions" Video Lecture, you know that the "Mind" is just one of the dimensions.

So, what are the higher dimensions (emotional and spiritual) understandings in "Presence"? 

My mentor Kenton Knepper calls it "Enchantment".

Enchantment is bringing back the inner qualities of our Mystery Performance. 
Is the characteristic that can TRULY creates a difference in performance. 

The interesting aspect of "Enchantment" is that it is not an exclusive quality of Mystery Performers. There are a LOT of artists that are aware of the spiritual and non-ordinary tools.  

While writing my new book "Telepathic Artifacts", I offer this two concepts as "Inner Artifacts" of Telepathy. They can TRULY create a difference in your performance.

You can see a very simple historical fact. Our fathers and mothers in Mentalism didnt have all the options that we have today. They rely in something else in order to create mysterious experiences. That tells you something very simple and profound.

 Presence is Mind-Soul (Psychological and Emotional) in nature
Enchantment is Soul-Spirit (Emotional and Spiritual) in nature.

If you allow yourself to explore the deeper understandings, study "Enchantment", not just "Presence".


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