Quote of the Week-Ken Weber

This week, we reflect about a wonderful insight from Ken Weber, that comes from one of the most important modern books for any Mystery Performer, which is “Maximum Entertainment”

In this book, Ken offers us a typology or the effect which is simple and direct.
What you do can be a puzzle, a trick or an “extraordinary moment”.

Such an elegant way to put it!

A puzzle is boring, a trick is entertaining but the extraordinary moment is an holistic experience.

Taking this conceptualization, the mystery experience that we must create with Mentalism is only created in the extraordinary moment.

Personally, it doesnt matter the context, I always aim for mystery. It doesn't matter if I am performing casually o in a theatrical space, I never approach what I do like a puzzle or a trick.

People deserves from you mystery, dont conform with less

Thats why, in my understanding, performance is all about the Outer Reality that we let our audience to perceive. The extraordinary moment is not about what we do internally, but how we offer it externally.

A billet peek technique can be used to create a logical puzzle, a fun trick and also a true wonder. 
Who decides that? YOU !

So, observe your routines and design them in such a way that you are truly creating an integral experience, in which people don't even care about the rational aspects to it. Only in that manner, you will reach extraordinary moments.

In my new book “Telepathic Artifacts” I explain in deeper ways the essential understandings of a telepathic experience, because YOU can read minds for REAL, and in this book I show you how.

Thanks Ken for your wonderful book and insight!


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