Quote of the Week: Kenton Knepper

This beautiful succinct and powerful quote comes from the recent Masterclass from my mentor and friend Kenton Knepper, about Equivoque, which you can get in here

In definitions and conceptualizations, we can understand better not just the concept by itself, but the unique mind of the creator. This happens all the time , and Mentalism is not the exception.

Reflect about that quote...suggestion with adjustment.

Kenton is one of the foundational proponents of suggestion in the Mystery Performances as you might know, and he is always talks about adjustment as a way to offer people a satisfactory experience.

We talk a lot about Equivoque, sharing approaches and ideas, and in the performances from Kenton you will see the beauty, complexity and simplicity of his ideas. 

How can you use suggestion in order to force objects in practical ways?
How can you can adjust in order to let people feel freedom of choice?

This and much more is expressed at the Masterclass, that you need to have!

Personally, I love Equivoque as technique and artifact in performance. It shows the power and real impact of your words, our non verbals and state of mind, as well as practical routines and ideas that you can apply anytime, anywhere!

Close up, Parlor, Stage, Casual/Social, one on one and more!

I have a 3 hours online one-on-one exclusive workshop that you can take:

 I observe Equivoque as a dance of focus using effective ambiguous communication.    
 In this dynamic of  communication, you are using ambiguous verbals with confident and apparently certain non-verbals. As you might understand, in communication, the most important aspects are non-verbal, thus whenever we confront our audience  with ambiguous verbal statements, we need to be responsible enough to offer them certainty thru our non-verbals.  

   I add “focus” as part of the understanding of Equivoque because it is important to observe how we are using whichever option our participant names, and use that decision in order to focus attention into the forced object.

So, as you can see, Equivoque is a LOT more than just a "childish" technique to do a cute mental trick. Is a powerful tool in the hands and mind of a competent performer.

BE a competent performer, invest in yourself and offer your audiences new powerful experiences.

Thanks Kenton for your wonderful and inspiring work. My sincere appreciation, without ambiguity!


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