Joker & Mentalism

The recent "Joker" movie is not just a dramatic masterpiece full of beautiful and powerful images, but is a fantastic conversation-starter towards the reality of mental disorders.
If you saw it, you will realize that it doesnt relate in a strict manner with the Batman universe, because the mission of the movie is not that at all, but offer awareness and focus about relationships, lack of love in our society, and how the modern system needs healing. 

How many Jokers we have in our community, especially in the online reality that we experience?

Sadly, there are a lot, and one clear behaviour that we can see are the "trolls", which we can see in anonymous ways in forums but also with visible social profiles at Facebook and other "social media".

It is a known psychological fact that people that show destructive non-empathetic behaviour are highly susceptible to mental disorders (more info in HERE as an example).

If you are experiencing tendencies in being too toxic, in being angry and feeling pleasure in posting destructive comments, I invite you to observe yourself in a kind and deep manner. We can only give what we have.
If you are being part of an online toxic dynamic (calling that conversation is missing the point), just go away. Be kind to others and dont reply. People with sadistic behaviour need help, not an online reply.

I know this by experience, so I know that this can be difficult, but dont do it and accept this opportunity to develop your stoicism and kindness to others.

Offer positive energy to the world, be constructive. If you cant do it, just keep silence.

There are many hidden Jokers out there. 
If you are one of them, seek for help, you are never alone.


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