Quote of the Week: Alan Moore

This week, we have the amazing Alan Moore as feature in our "Quote of the Week". Being able to expand your interests and extrapolate them into your Mentalism is a fantastic option that I invite you to take.

Alan, in here, compares Magic in his original form to "Art", which is very interesting to observe, and opens the idea that all arts are an expression of magical events, being "Magic" the supreme expression of it (and obviously Mentalism, being a magical mysterious expression of the mind). Dont be confused, I am not "mixing" Magic and Mentalism, or being incongruent with my argument towards Magic and Mentalism. In the eyes of the audience Magic Tricks and Mentalism FEEL different, because basically Mentalism still reaches that pure level of mystery. Most performances of magic tricks dont reach the level of Magic, but tricks. 

His definition of Art and Magic makes complete sense to me in our realm of Mentalism. We are indeed manipulating symbols, words or images in order to achieve changes in our audiences consciousness and mind. Mentalism, by intrinsic characteristics can move people focus into new inspiring and wonderful ideas regarding the power of the mind and the expansion of consciousness. 

Obviously, as a competent Mentalist, you must know about this concepts. You cant manipulate symbols if you dont know what a symbol is!

You cant move people minds if you dont understand what is the "mind"!

So, explore these related topics and add them into your repertoire of ideas so you can communicate ideas with respect and confidence. Remember, dont fake it, be real.

We have a powerful opportunitiy in each performance. We can literally change other perception of reality. Do it wisely and sow a good seed. 

Thanks Alan for your inspiration! 


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