Quote of the Week: Kenton Knepper

In his recent "Real Energy Secrets" videocourse, my friend and mentor Kenton Knepper offered for us this wonderful insight, that I invite you to keep in your mind this week.

There is too much unnecessary attention in our craft about "disclaimers", but what about "claims"? 

What are you claiming in performance?

In art and communication, it is a basic understanding the notion of "authenticity" and how can you explore your uniqueness through your artistic expression. Sadly, because in Magic and Mentalism we just care about "fooling" and the latest gimmick, this basic and powerful aspects are not relevant.

WE are the ones that can change that, so the state of the art can advance.

Claims are not just about the "supernatural" claims, but also the "natural claims".

Ok, you are reading the participant´s mind...but WHY?

What is under that "supernatural" phenomena? What are you alluding with that PSI experience?

Connection? The power of vibrations? The mind as a powerful entity in life?

Some people say: "I dont claim that I read minds becase that is not possible?"...

Who are you to claim that? Can you experience reality? There is an "objetive" outer reality?

Science? Really? 

It is a known fact that science can only understand just a tiny portion of the outer phenomena in our shared perceived reality.  Dont take me wrong, I love science and the wonderful reach that humans can have thanks to scientific development, but science is the nest of the Ego. Dont follow the mainstream trend of "Scientism". You will limit your experience in Mentalism if you think that reality is dualistic and materialistic.

You can claim whatever feels congruent and authentic with your identity as performer.

The most important, dont fake it and be real. Focus completely into the Outer Reality and let your participant and audience to be connected to a powerful experience.

The WHY is most important than the HOW or the WHAT. It doesnt matter if you use just Mentalism technologies and methods (switches, billet techniques, peeks, gimmicks, etc) or just legitimate techniques (readings, CMR, hypnosis, pendulum work, etc) or a mixture. It doesnt matter. You can reach a powerful credibility in your performance with any of the approaches if you apply powerful artifacts in your Outer Reality so you allow your audience to perceive what is created as real, based in your CLAIMS.

If you are a telepath, offer telepathy
If you are an intuitionist, let people feel the power of your intuition
If you are an expert in body language, offer powerful demonstrations of body reading.
If you feel that you have a connection with energies from the beyond, offer your audience a powerful and healing experience.

There is no invalid claim if you truly feel that claim as your genuine truth.

So, study your claims, and let people enjoy mystery!

Thanks Kenton for your fantastic constant inspiration.


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