Review: Kenton Knepper-Real Energy Secrets

It is no secret that Kenton Knepper is Wonder Wizard, Master of Words and powerful creator that offers constant innovations to Mystery Performers, rooted with the true essence of the Mysteries. He is one of the few that are truly able to share this powerful knowledge and wisdom with us, and in his latest videocourse called "Real Energy Secrets" you will be able to tap into this and MUCH MORE.

If you are interested in learning the full description of the content, go to his site HERE and also watch the Skype demonstration that he did with one of his students, it is truly powerful work.

Maybe you are thinking that this looks too advanced but let me tell you that we are not talking about "levels" of knowledge in here. Just allow yourself to be open enough to this ideas, and you will be already able to receive as much as you can handle.

Kenton constructed this in different levels, so no matter what is your "level", you will get pure gold.

Kenton has a powerful phrase that a lot of different modern thinkers such Fraser Parker and Luke Jermay took as a guideline, which is "Definition=Creation", and in this work you will learn a new approach to this gigantic idea (dealing with the subconscious)

If you are reading this, you are part of the Mentalism Center community, and I know that you can take powerful insights and inspirations from this course. You WILL be able to create energetic experiences with your audiences, participants and clients without need of advanced energetic work. If you cant attend the Inner Sanctum Gathering and learn more advanced work, this is the PERFECT practical introduction to the matter.

Thanks Kenton for this wonderful videocourse!


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