FREE Piece: Unique Gift

Because today is Xmas!

A beautiful piece of casual Mentalism that you can perform to give someone a gift. I use this piece for birthdays or X-mas (I will use it today as a matter of fact)

Outer Reality
A stack of cards with different optional gifts is shown.
Any other member of the audience choose any relevant song or melody to sing.
Using each syllable, a card is chosen.
All the rest of the cards are shown to be blank. Only one card was the actual target!
The chosen card is turnover and shown as written, with the present for that special person.

Inner Reality
The core method comes from "Synergy" from the "Romantic Mentalism" project.

If you dont have it, just contact me HERE and I will send you for FREE the Synergy Video (offer available until Dec, 31st)

As you can see, the structure of revelation are different. In the original "Synergy" piece the card was revealed before the "blank" finale. In "Unique Gift", I prefer to reveal first the blank condition of the stack of cards.

As you can see, a very practical and simple routine that will allow you to create a mysterious moment in that special occasion!

Happy (and meaningful) Xmas !


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