Quote of the Week: Kenton Knepper

Welcome to a new “Quote of the Week”! In this instance, a powerful one from my friend and mentor Kenton Knepper. This one can be found in his new book “Kenton Principles” that you can buy at www.wonderwizards.com

(Yes, it is huge!)

What is our channel of communication as Mystery Performers?

If we observe this label “Mystery Performers”, we can realize that our final goal is indeed mystery. That trascendental state and experience, that goes beyond illusion, beyond trick, beyond even astonishment.

Mystery is bigger than that. Mystery is about contemplating what is the essence of our existence and all the mysteries around us. All those mysteries are indeed part of us, and our mission is to show those subconscious spaces.

What are you alluding in your performance?
Are you aware of what you are communicating?

Thats why it is so important to understand a performance piece in an integral manner. Knowing the “method” is not enough at all. Anyone can learn a trick, but only the excellent students can go deeper, to understand the real secrets.

As an example:
Why are you doing that “Which Hand?” routine? 
What are you alluding with that piece?

Reflect about what you do, and WHY. If you can find meaning, you will be able to transform your tricks into mysterious meaning experiences for others.

The design and application of your Outer Reality in performance allows you to implement a new reality of powerful allusion.

Mystery Performance is not about illusion, but deeper realities.

Thanks Kenton for your powerful inspiration! 


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