Be Genuine

The state of the art Mystery Performance is advancing. 

This is thanks to the collaborative effort of many of my friends and colleagues around the world, that are tuning to new conversations full of true explorations into the Mysteries, observing real applications in our sub-world of performance.

Mentalism Center main mission is to be the place of structural basis of Mentalism and the avant-garde explorations, so we understood the release of our Arkanosophy Tarot not just as a practical tool for Mystery Performers, but also as a conceptual statement.

Mystery Performance is advancing to places in which we are observing "deception" and the tendency that we can have to "pretend" into a new understanding of authenticity and realness.

Thats why, we need to be conscious, especially with ancient practices and mystery tools as Tarot, to NOT let our old paths to guide our new ways.

Most Magicians and Mentalists love to talk, and most of the time, pretending expertise. We need to STOP that. We need to actually focus our interests into genuine knowledge and wisdom about what we do.

If you want to use ESP Cards, REALLY study the efforts from Dr. Rhine. If you want to read palms, REALLY study the different schools and approaches of palmistry, and especially with Tarot, STUDY IT and be respectful about the traditions and symbolism.

If you fake it, you are doing a disservice to the world.
If you fake it, you are being as charlatan as people debunked by skeptics.
Dont be mediocre, dont move your interest by your unhealthy ego, avarice or other non-constructive motivation.

If you want to use Tarot in your performance, get quality material both from our world and the non-performers authors, and really take the time to learn and understand. 

There is no short way. The only way is the excellence.

That is why at Mentalism Center we offer you great content that you can study.

One of the teachings of the Tarot to Mystery Performers is that we dont need to fake it. We dont need to deceive others in other to let them contemplate a mystery.

Dont fake it, be real.


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