Quote of the Week: Ford Kross

This week, we feature Ford Kross with this simple and powerful insight for you!
As Mystery Performer, a reading dynamic is a highly relevant skill to develop that will not only allow you to better Magician or Mentalist, but develop a completely new role and set of tools as Reader. 

As you can read in here, Psychic Entertainment is actually the concept in here and not Mentalism. Why is that?

Psychic Entertainment is that movement in Mystery Performance that embraces readings and the use of psychic themes in a credible and realistic way, planting the reality of Psychic Phenomena, and not just the illusion of it.

Richard Webster, Bob Cassidy and of course Ford Kross (among others) are relevant authors to grasp in better ways this approach.

Readings are powerful in Mystery Performance for at least 3 reasons:

1. Impact: A reading (private or during an entertaining context) is ALL about your participant, and this focus will add true relevance and impact.
2. Practicality: Just a deck of cards, Tarot, stones, your participant palms, or just about anything can be used as tool of interpretation.
3. Realism: A reading feels real and genuine, because it is! No pretending, but being.

At Mentalism Center we have a lot of routines, systems and ideas for you if you want to learn how to add readings into your repertoire!

Thanks Ford for all your efforts and fantastic work!


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