Quote of the Week: Docc Hilford

If you are interested in powerful Mentalism and Psychic Entertainment, you know that Docc is a master, and in his “Legacy of Annemann” is a fantastic release if you want to learn and experience new insights and reflections.

This quote comes from his Q&A method, and the specifics that only a true Q&A worker can give you. Most beginners in this realm will assume that the power comes from the “fooling” method to know the question. This cant be further from the real world practice of it.

If you are one of the lucky owners of “Emesqua on Q&A”, you will know that, if you are a Q&A curator, you can simply ASK openly the question, and offer a mysterious experience offering a coherent, interesting and caring answer.

But in order to do this, you need to actually learn how to offer answers! And I dont mean sensational ones or “cold reading”, but real questions, to real answers.

Where can you find more practical knowledge about this? Again, if you are an owner of Emesqua work, you can get a deeper understanding of this subtle craft, but I cam recommend you these books for you to study:

All “Reading” works from Richard Webster, Kenton Knepper and Neal Scryer
Dale Carnegie- How to Win friends and influence people
Gail Sheehy-New Passages (I found funny that most people recommend the older version...)
Explore the concept of “Stages of Development” in other more modern sources.
Carl Rogers-Client Centered Therapy

And...talk to people from all ages. In this manner you will get the joys and pains of modern people in different stages of life.

We forget that we are humans first, and then performers on stage.
Connect with people in true and caring ways. DONT try to be impressive.

This ISNT about you, is about them.
And because we are all one, it is about you as well.

Thanks Docc for your wonderful insight! All blessings for your life.


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