It is NOT about you

At the beginning of any artform, there is a hidden egocentric desire, which is healthy and normal in all humans, especially in our childhood. In that state of time, we psychologically develop our ego, and this is (especially) not an exception in Magic and Mentalism.

I want to express myself
I want to be seen
I want to be recognized

Do you notice the repetition of "I want"?
As soon as we throw away that, the better.

This is why I encourage you to move away of that ego-centered mindset, 

Mystery Performance is NOT about you. 
You are only a channel of the experience.

That doesnt mean at all that you must do everything in a mediocre manner or without proper rehearsal and practice, but it means that you understand that your are just a part of the human expression. 

There is no "I", just "Us", and with Mentalism we can explore those ideas in great metaphorical depth.

We use our body, our mind, soul and spirit in order to be the best performer possible, allowing them to experience the mysterious phenomena, and because real Mentalism becomes only alive in real performance, you must push yourself into different performing contexts and remind yourself of this.

That is why Carl Jung said:
"Everything that irritates us about others can lead us 
to an understanding of ourselves"

Thats is Why Jesus said:
"Love your neighbor as yourself"

We are all one, and as soon as you connect with that powerful truth, you will be able to be a better Mystery Performer.


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