Quote of the Week: Kenton Knepper

Some performers in Magic and Mentalism dont have an "artistic call", and that is completely fine. Some people are expert in business, working trade shows and other places which are more associated with commercial values and not artistic ones.

Mystery Performance can be an art, but it is not by itself. 
Art becomes alive and real only if a true artist is acting.

My mentor Kenton is not just an excellent creator but also a Mystery Performer who truly understand human expression of beauty, so this quote is a true keeper for us. Kenton doesnt only express himself using Magic and Mentalism, but he is also a powerful Musician as well, which is a sign of creative expression that many other Mystery Performers have.

Brené Brown is a popular author nowadays. She put "vulnerability" in our conceptual map as a powerful emotional skill to develop, and I feel that we as Mystery Performer need constantly this reminder.

Our demonstation are amazing just by itself. We can be just trick-doers and we can achieve our goal (if our goal is to just create reactions). Reactions last one second, and they are great for videos, reels and re-bookings, but what if we consciously move further?

What if we transform Mystery Performance into an art?

If you want to do that, you must explore in yourself. 

What if YOUR art?
What is your light to share with others?

Doing just the latest trick because you like it, is not enough. Yes, you can use it as channel of your deeper meaning, but at the end of the day, people care about stories, they want to connect, they want to FEEL.

If you allow yourself to be vulnerable, and you open your heart for a moment in your routines, you will reach a new level of connection with them.

My invitation then today is to take your favorite routine, and let that "descriptive script" to fade away:

take this paper and write something...
I will tear it...now think in your word...the word is PENCIL

and express yourself using that routine.

"You know, there are objects in our life that are more than just physical entities. They have a story, they remind us something...
Write in this paper an object from your past that has meaning, not any random word, but something that truly brings you powerful, positive and beautiful memories.
It is said that we must let go of our attachments... (tear the paper)
Hold the pieces for a moment and truly connect with this feeling, these images...
 I see something simple but powerful for you. Your childhood...did you share this object with someone? yes... a girl right?
I see some colors... red and yellow...makes sense?

Yes... and I feel also that you tried to "replace" this object but it was not possible because there is only one pencil..."

How did I know all those parallel revelations? I cant tell you, not because I dont want to, but because in each telepathic moment I truly apply intuition to just let ideas, images and sensations just come to me.
As you can see, we are offering not just a description of the actions, but a true movement of psychic artistry, both in your script and subscript.

(you can learn powerful telepathic concepts in this book

Know yourself and allow your own powerful human expression to be communicated. People needs beauty in their lives.

Thanks Kenton for all your powerful inspiration!


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