Book Test in Quarantine?

Yes, it can be done.

We are in a global quarantine, and as performers, we miss human physical interaction. The only way that we have now is the Digital Performance, and we cant reject this. This is also part of the future of performance. We will participate in a new world after all this isolation, a world in which digital entertainment will be a valid way, and we need to apply our prophetic observations in that.

Being a prophet is being an observer.

So, how can we perform a book test using digital interaction?

There are many ways. Let me share some examples:

1. You can use our "Minimal Jaks" to create a powerful word prediction piece. Ask your participant to bring any book, while you clearly show that you have a piece of paper inside a slim business card case. Your participant selects any 4-5 letter word from the book.
Then you can take the paper from the slim business card case, showing the correct word!

2. You can use the "Magnifique Book Test" in the digital media!
Show 5 books and let the participant choose anyone (no forces, no repeated books). Ask your participant to name ANY page and ask him to select any position on the page using a magnifying glass that you can show (front and back, normal object). The participant (while you look away) chooses a word. After then some moments of focus, you can reveal that precise word (NO PEEKS) 

3. With our Alice in Wonderland Book Test, you can ask anyone to name ANY page number. In that page one word from the first line is selected.
The participant re-reads an email that you sent him one week ago (booking you) and you can show that you predict in advance the chosen word! 

4. With our 365 Quotes( or 365 Positive Affirmations) you can ask anyone to name any date from the year, which contains one quote (or positive affirmation) which is then revealed as prediction in your Instagram account( for that final way to predict you will need ) 

As you can read, in the use of book tests you can also use aspects and characteristics of the digital media in order to combine different experiences and dramatic flows into your routine. You can use the classic ways of revealing predictions, but an email or your IG.

Books can bring an essence of physicality in a virtual media.

Our creativity now must be focused in ways to move the art forward. 
We are in a forced future, but this will also be part of our future, so I hope that these ideas can inspire your mind to be present. 


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