Quote of the Week: Marc Salem

Marc Salem is a powerful Mystery Performer and Creator, in which you can feel that every action and moment is carefully designed, offering congruency and maximum impact.

This quote comes from his book “Discover the Secrets of Mind Games”, which is full of great pieces and most important, highly relevant content in the true secrets behind showbusiness and the life of a professional performer.

How do you proactively design your performing spaces?
How do you elicit from the audience the emotional state that you need?

In his book, Marc offers a beautiful model of understanding this “reciprocal audience response”, which I found both simple and complex.

We care so much about the latest “holy grail” but we forget the supernatural power of being a caring human. People wants to connect with people, especially if you did your personal work, and you find those beauties and meanings in your own self.

As soon as you observe your “roots” and all those aspects that you can communicate in your subtext, people will have a different appreciation and as Marc said, a reciprocal response. They will have a different appreciation because they will FEEL something different. 

With all that root work , it doesnt matter if you do ACAAN or whatever, the specific will appear naturally if you have a clear understanding of what do you want to communicate first.

Reciprocity works in both ways. It can also elicit challenging attitudes, because your audience is FEELING that from you. So our constant work is to observe our own intentions and connections with our audience and participants, so everything is created in a mindful manner.

Thanks Marc for the inspiration.



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