Quote of the Week: Kenton Knepper

My mentor and friend Kenton Knepper offers us constant reminders of the true essence of Mystery Performance.
This wonderful quote (and MANY others) comes from a podcast called “Magic & Mystery" Chapter 12.

Kenton could easily center the attention of conversation into his powerful theory, teachings and concepts, but his focus into the “being” of a Mentalist  show us the essential awareness of our initial (and constant) exploration.

We can study Mentalism in three levels: Knowing, Being and Doing.

Sadly, the mainstream of the “business” is focused too much on the knowing. New tricks, new gimmicks, etc.

That is fine and it is part of the exploration, but we need to balance all aspects. That is why we must focus consciously (specially at the beginning) in our BEING.

How are you as Mystery Performer?

In my “Mentalism Course” one of the needed tasks to do is to write an auto-biography that covers the three basic questions: What, How and Why.
This is an essential step towards true self-expression and authenticity. Dont try to find yourself on the latest trick. Do your own work first.

Be the performer that you want but also be the performer that your context and your circle of fellow humans need.

Yes, you can do that cool and fooling trick...but explore the potential of meaning of that piece. Dont settle on a performance piece that only has technical beauty in the Inner Reality. We must (specially in these days) focus into the power of transmutation that our performance can offer.

If we want to offer true artistic moments and needed healing we must do it in conscious manners.

Authenticity is the ultimate innovation.
Be your best performer self, it is our duty.

Thanks Kenton for your wonderful ideas and insights



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