5 FREE TIPS for Virtual Acts

Are you interested in the "Oracle Virtual Act" but you cant get it yet?

Dont worry, in here I will share with you 5 FREE TIPS that you can apply in order to perform in virtual scenarios.

1. Respect the virtual scenario: What if I told you that this virtual space is as real as our physical stage?

Can you do a show, in a physical stage, in pijamas?
Can you do a show, in a physical stage, without proper voice projection or quality sound assistance?

Well... The "virtual scenario" deserves as much respect as our normal physical scenario. 

 Invest in a lapel mic or that you can connect to your device and an extension cord, so you will be free to move (or even better, a wireless lapel mic). 
Invest in "wireless earbuds" so you can have your audio directly to your ear, without need of an extra cable.

Work your lightning in such a way that your image is a good as your hardware allows. I use the in-built camera from my Macbook Air, and it works without problem.

Work in your staging. Open your video and observe what people are observing. I have seen other people offering "virtual shows", and frankly is embarrassing. At least, clean your room if you want to do a "performance"!

2. Stand Up Performances: Personally, I dont like seated performances. 
That is why my recommendation for you is to work your staging in such a way that you can show at least a half-body image. In this way you will have more space to move, to use a small table (I use the Instand ones, they are the best) to place your objects and improve your visuals.

 "Please pick a card" doesnt need to be an horizontal action. Put your hands up and do it at your face level.

And always remember, no one wants to see your crotch.

3. Digital Connection: Human connection is always essential, but if you dont have a proper internet one, you will have potential issues. That is why the recommendation is being near a router so you can connect "Ethernet". If you cant do that, be sure that no one is using the Wifi connection. 
Close all your applications from your device, in order to have better RAM capacity.
If you are offering virtual services, invest in a professional software. Zoom Pro is very cheap and it will open for you new possibilities.

4. Keep learning!: The information that all creators and performers around the world are giving is valuable and open to modifications. Always applications are changing features and options, so my recommendation for you is to get the Oracle Virtual Act (of course) but also keep learning constantly. 
Youtube is a powerful tool of learning, just search and you will find. 

5. Focus on Major Effects: The virtual space is full of possibilities and potential distractions. Using Bob Cassidy´s Language, especially in virtual spaces, we need to apply "Major Effects" in our Virtual Act in order to allow each member of your audience to experience a mysterious moment. 

In the  "Oracle Virtual Act" there are 3 Major Effects (Mudra Opener, Energetic Pendulum and Mudra Closer). More than "effects" these are moments of psychic entertainment that allow you to interact with everyone, and letting each person to be involved in a deeper way. 

Apply those 5 tips in your Virtual Performances so you can reach a level of excellence in your Mentalism !


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