Quote of the Week: Mauricio Jaramillo

A beautiful quote to keep during our week, from my friend and powerful colleague Mauricio Jaramillo (in that photo he was reading the participant´s mind, 2015). This quote appeared during the recording of our podcast (in spanish) centered in the classic "13 Steps" (it will be available soon if you are interested at ParaMentalismo

(we met in Santiago de Chile to have a good time, eat good and share Mentalism )

We are in times of change. Our views and paradigms in Mentalism are constantly changing. So the deeper question is:

What is the essence of Mentalism?

If we found that essence, we must preserve it.

That is why "Mystery" is one of the fundamental aspects of preservation. It doesnt matter if we prefer to use "natural" skills (psychological based ones) or "supernatural" ones (psychic based ones), those are just artistic licences and personal preferences. What is TRULY relevant is to ALWAYS offer Mystery.

Keeping that space in which people can project their own meaning and understanding. That ambiance of deeper observation. Not just as an emotion, but a emotional state. That moment in which we can OPEN the mind of our participant, so the performance is not just the end result, but the beginning of a new awareness.

That is Mystery. 
People need Mystery, and we can offer a piece of it.

Thanks Mauricio for that powerful reminder!


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